Absolute requirements

  • Compilers : Kadath is written in C++. So far, the package has been used with GNU and Intel compilers.
  • Cmake : installation of the library requires the Cmake tool. Cmake website
  • Git : The source files of Kadath are stored by git.
  • LAPACK : Some algebra is performed via the Linear Algebra Package. The development version is required. LAPACK website
  • FFTW3 : Fourier transforms are computed by the library FFTW. The development version is required. FFTW website
  • GSL : Gnu Scientific Library is used to compute special functions like the spherical Bessel one. The development version is required. The library comes with many Linux distributions. GSL website

Requirements for the parallel version

If you intend to use the parallel version of Kadath there are various additional things that are needed.
  • MPI :Parallelization is done using MPI. Various implementations are available
  • scaLAPACK : is the parallel version of LAPACK. scaLAPACK website

Optional part

  • pgplot : this library can be used to produce some graphical outputs. pgplot website. A quick install guide can be found there.
  • doxygen : the automatic documentation tool. doxygen website.